Shelter Registration

A safe room or underground shelter is the best place to be during severe weather. But what happens if a storm leaves debris and you are unable to escape your safe place? In response to community concerns, the City of Ponca City has initiated a new program to ensure your safety after the storm has passed.

Ponca City Emergency Management is in the process of compiling a list of all storm shelters in the City. Both underground shelters and safe rooms will be included on the list. Residents are asked to complete the registration form below and submit the information to have their shelter location placed on the master list.

In the event of a damaging storm, it is important to have a personal contact that can also perform this function. During emergencies, the police force is taxed with numerous calls and may not be immediately available to check your shelter. Identify a friend or family member who can be responsible to check on your safety. For more information, contact Paula Cain, Ponca City Emergency Management at 767-0380. If you wish to use a paper form instead of the electronic form below then get the paper form here.

This form is used to indicate your intended safe areain the event of a disaster. Information gathered will be entered into a database to be used by rescue personnel responding to the disaster area. Your safe area can be an above-ground safe room, below-ground storm shelter, basement, or other area of the house determined to provide protection from a disaster.

STEP 1: Mark the location of your shelter:
Enter your address to locate
Please be sure to select your city , Oklahoma

Click on the part of the house or property where the entrance to your safe area is located.
You can use the navigation buttons in the upper left hand corner to zoom in or out and to move from left to right

Click the map to place your pin , at the location of your shelter. You may drag the pin to move it to another location, or simply click the map again to relocate.

Use the controls at the upper left to zoom in, and you can use the Satellite/Hybrid buttons in the upper right to view aerial photos to better select the location.

STEP 2: Continue to the next page to provide additional information: